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Prospects for paver block making machine

2018-12-20      View:
The bricks (blocks) produced by the Yufeng paver block making machine are manufactured according to national standards before they can be sold. The inspection of the product is divided into factory inspection and quality inspection. Factory inspection: The factory inspection items are: dimensional deviation, appearance quality and strength level. Each batch of brick machine production line must be factory tested, and the appearance quality inspection is carried out in the production plant. Our company's product inspection is very strict, and these users put a hundred hearts.
       Everyone wants to make a perfect product. First of all, it is necessary to debug the machine after the installation of the brick-free machine. If this is the case, it is possible to achieve what you expected, and how to test it. Let me give you a detailed explanation below:
       Adjust the gap between the adjusting ring of the upper barrel of the feeding mechanism and the feeding tray by 0.5-1mm. Adjust the height of the track so that after the brick is ejected, the die surface should be 1 mm above the disk surface (allowing the thin iron to be adjusted on the track and the support surface). Adjust the gap between the feeding mechanism scraper and the bottom plate of the barrel, which should be no more than 2mm. Adjust the gap between the bottom surface of the feeding mechanism and the large plate of the feeding mechanism to be no more than 0.5mm. Adjust the eccentric shaft of the brick press mechanism to enable it to press out the required brick. After the installation of the paver block making machine is completed, the test must be carried out. The test consists of two parts: the air cut and the load test.
       Before the test run, check the appearance of the machine, tighten the parts that have not been tightened, remove the debris on the surface of the rotary disk, the cross hole and other transmission parts, and add enough lubricant to each lubrication point, then manually move the machine and return it. The turntable is rotated for 2-3 weeks, and the machine is checked to confirm that there is no jam. After all the inspections are passed, the empty vehicle test can be carried out. The running time should be no less than 2 hours. During the empty vehicle test, the bearing temperature, gear meshing condition, motor temperature rise and lubrication should be carefully observed. Pay attention to the brick pressing mechanism and the rail top brick. Part work situation. After the empty vehicle test is passed, the feed amount is gradually increased, the load test is carried out, and the work of each part under the load is checked, and the load test is not less than 4 hours.
       Everyone understands the basic operation of debugging. Now, paying more attention when working normally, you can avoid a lot of troubles, master the lifeblood of the machine, you can make it obedient, and you can use it smoothly.