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How to check the paver brick machine

2018-12-20      View:

Before using the paver brick machine, check each part to ensure that each part can start normal work and start work. Secondly, the cement used in the paving machine should be stored to avoid moisture and agglomeration. It should not be exposed directly to the sun when the brick is just formed. This will cause the loss of water in the cement and the hardness of the brick caused by the decomposition of calcium hydride. The use of paver brick machine should be careful and sensitive, always pay attention to the phenomenon occurring in production. If you encounter abnormal conditions, you should find out the reason in time to deal with it. Only in this way can you produce high quality brick products.

The continuous development of science and technology has brought us a lot of convenience, but also brought a lot of pollution to the environment. Especially in the mechanical equipment industry, the development of environmentally friendly equipment has become the development direction of each industry. Under such developments, the new road brick machine has become the primary choice for many investors. The clay red brick that has been eliminated accelerates the development of the road brick machine. The paving machine adopts industrial waste residue, coal ash and the like as the main raw materials, which not only has low cost but also can realize waste recycling and save resources to protect the environment. The paver brick machine adopts three bars to press and press once and form one time. After forming, it can be stacked immediately. No need for a brick board is the latest model in the domestic paving machine. You don't have to worry about the efficiency of paver brick machine. The choice of many customers has proved your success, the practicality and cost performance of paving machine equipment.