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What is the impact of the price of the brick machine?

2018-12-3      View:
The price of cement brick machine is always a problem that all brick machine customers care about when purchasing the brick-free machine. Every customer wants to buy a set of satisfactory equipment at a low price. This is the thinking of all customers. We will simply help you analyze and help you quickly understand the cost of the brick-free machine, so that you can know what you are doing.
1. The cost of road tile machine, we will design a set according to the customer's needs, tell you in detail the flow direction of each of your money, the cost of these brick-free equipment can be calculated, most of the materials are The price of steel and steel used is also available. Therefore, by calculating the tonnage of the equipment and then multiplying the unit price of the steel, the cost of the material can be roughly calculated.
 2, hydraulic pressure brick machine supporting equipment, motor, conveyor belt, mixer, etc., these are the price, you can find out after an inquiries.
3, labor costs, now workers are very high wages, how long it takes to produce a set of equipment, simply calculate it.
4, the profit of the manufacturers of the tile machine, such a large set of equipment, at least some profits of the company. Adding four kinds of investments to one piece, you can see how much money the tile machine equipment needs. Of course, if some customers want to buy a brick-free machine, they have to add money to choose to purchase. After analysis, do you know what you are doing? What?
    However, the price of the brick machine and the model of the overall brick machine are also closely related. The volume configuration of the different models is different, so there is a difference in price. Moreover, the products produced by different manufacturers are different in terms of function and quality. There are great differences in the price of tile machines, and it is hoped that people can better grasp them in real life.