Cement block machine QT4-15

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QT4-15 Fully Automatic Block Machine,cement block machine for sale

cement block machine

Cement block machine  Introduction:

1. Reliability. The cement block machine frame is made of super- strength steel and by special welding technology, the imported elements are applied widely, so that the stability and reliability of the machine in long term running are insured.

2. The whole process uses a PLC aptitude control and dialogue system of human-machine interface, easy to analyze the chance signal, fault diagnosis and parameters setting, ensure the best operation effect of the cement block machine.

3. Unique design. The special loading and supply unit, the multi-line whipping forks are fixed at inside of material feed box. The whipping forks works and feed the material to mold box forcedly during the material feed box moves to up of mold box, the feed will smoothly and equalization, than for the product, the intensity is insured and the weight is equal.

4. Design with super strong vibrating activated force, The computer controls the pressure and flowing rate of hydraulic system; Vertical synchro-vibration; Frequency conversion; Brake, final the product reaches the high density and high strength within short time.

5. Multi use; Strong performance; The many kind of products QT cement block machine,automatic block machine with difference form and size can be made when use the difference mold, such as wall block, honeycomb type block, road block and slope block.

Cement block machine  Specification


Cement Block Machine


QT4-15 - Cement Block Machine 

Overall Dimension


Rated pressure


Main vibration form

Platform vibration

Cycle Time

18-20  seconds

Vibrating Frequency

4500 rolls/minute

Motors Power


Pallet Size


Raw Materials

Crushed stone, sand, cement, dust and coal fly ash, cinder, slag, gangue, gravel, perlite, and other industrial wastes.


1 set Cement Block  Machine 

QT 4-15 Cement Block Machine Productivity




Forming time 

 Per 8 hour

 Hollow blocks



  18-20 s


 Cellular bricks



  18-20 s


 Solid bricks



  18-20 s


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