Curbstone making machine QT10-15

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Curbstone making machine QT10-15

Curbstone making machine

Ⅰ Curbstone making machine brief introduction:

Curbstone making machine can serve several purposes and can produce pavement bricks, riverside bricks, revetment bricks, square bricks, grassed bricks and so on with different moulds.
It is low frequency in feeding material, high frequency vibration. Platform vibrating works together with mould, So that the concrete can be fully fluidified and exhausted in two or three seconds to reach the high density.
The advanced technique of hydraulic-controlled proportion can handle the oil press and amount of the system in free, therefore, different materials can be able to produce the high quality products.
All the procedures are operated by PLC and equipment with out and in date device to realize person-machine conversation. Control system also including the advanced safe logical system and fault diagnosis system.

Ⅱ Curbstone making machine  control system:

It adopts PLC intelligent control and man-machine interface. Control system is equipped with complete logic control, production program, malfunction diagnosis system and remote control function. So it doesn’t need a professional person to be the operator.
Product scope:
 It produces various bricks/blocks including color-face bricks (layered material feeding),through-body tiles,lock linkage blocks, road curb bricks, hydraulic blocks、hollow blocks, perforated bricks, and standard bricks etc.

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