cement spacer machine DMYF-480

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Cement spacer machine Product Description

  Technical data of  cement spacer machine

Technical data
Rated power 16KW     
Max pressure 230T     
Cycle time 30S
Mold box size 450*450mm
Total weight 3500KG
Overall dimension 1520*1700*2580mm

  Productivity  of  cement spacer machine

Product Pcs/mold psc/8hours
Cushion block  20 18 15000
Cushion block 4/5 60 40000
Cushion block 7/8 24 20000

  cement spacer machine

cenment spacer blocks

cement spacer machine

Cushion blocks

       Cement spacer machine is ganty style making machine, which is portal shaped steel structure. Pressurizing method is downward. The max. Pressure can reach 230T. This machine can produce the measurement: 450*450*100mm(L*W*H). 

Cement spacer machine  EQUIPMENT ADVANTAGES :

1.Patent technology.

2.Save labor.3-4 person could produce.

3.Multi-function:just change the mould.

4.machine can work for 24 hours.

5.no necessary pallet, the brick can be stacking directly.


Yufeng machine website: www.yufengmachine.com    cement spacer machine

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